MFT Models Pack

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The MFT Models Pack bundles the MFT  Model Worksheets, MFT Concept Glossary and the MFT Model Comparison Chart.

The MFT Models Pack is intended for knowledgeable exam candidates who need summary information to enhance home study and are already using a variety of other study materials.  The Models Pack is often used along with the Virtual Workshop and MFT Audio Review in order to follow along with the lectures and can be filled out.

The bundle pack includes:

Model Worksheets; (outlines each of the Primary Models of MFT across the following dimensions:

  • Core Concepts
  • Theory of Dysfunction
  • Theory of Change
  • Stages of Treatment
  • Therapist Stance
  • Methods/Techniques
  • Assessment/Diagnosis

MFT Model Comparison Chart: displays the major concepts of 16 MFT models side-by-side for making it easier to compare and contrast the MFT Models)

MFT Concept Glossary: defines 403 of the most important concepts in the MFT field.

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