FSI’s eStudy Program

PRICE: $200.00

The eStudy Program offers candidates an unlimited access, 90 Day Subscriptions to access many of FSI’s Marriage and Family Therapy Exam preparation resources from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. Our Interactive Practice Exams compare your results against yourself and others taking the exam online and provides personalized feedback across the MFT Models, 74 Knowledge and 6 Practice Domains as well as across different types of questions.

The eStudy Program consists of 90 days of unlimited access to:

  • Current 6th Edition of the Family Solutions Study Guide for the Marriage and Family Therapy National AMFTRB Licensing Exam (600+ pages)
  • Virtual Workshop and AAMFT Institute PowerPoint
  • eStudy Workbook which integrates the Study Guide with MFT Model Worksheets, Model Comparison Chart, Concept Glossary, Practice Questions in a learning mode, multiple other links, videos and study resources)
  • 100 and 200 Question Practice Exams that profile your strengths and weaknesses across the MFT Models, Knowledge and Practice Domains & Types of Questions as you chart your progress against yourself and others taking the same exams.
The eStudy Program offers candidates a 90 Day Subscription to access many of FSI’s Marriage and Family Therapy Exam preparation resources from any internet-enabled computer. Included in the  eStudy Program is the latest edition of Family Solutions’ Study Guide for The National Marriage and Family Therapy Licensing Examination, the AAMFT Workshop PowerPoint Presentation, eStudy Workbook which breaks the 600 page Study Guide down into more manageable bites of information while link all relevant practice exam questions in a learning mode to a MFT Model or Knowledge Domain.  Family Solutions’ Study Interactive Practice Exams  provide personalized feedback across the Knowledge and Practice Domains,  MFT Models and question types which identify areas of strength and weakness in order to re-mediate your studying while comparing your results to your peers studying along side you.

Included  in the eStudy Program is 90 days of unlimited access to the Study Guide, AAMFT Workshop PowerPoint,  MFT Model Worksheets, Audio Review and Comparison chart, 100 and 200 question Practice Exams, Interactive MFT Concept Glossary and much more.

Purchase either FSI’s Home Study Program or Intensive Track and receive a full eStudy subscription to Family Solutions Online (FSO), FSI’s eStudy Program for an additional $100 ($100 SAVINGS)!

eStudy Program Overview
FSI’s eStudy Program is available as a 90 day subscription upon registration to our eStudy Program. Cost of the eStudy Program is $200. It is also offered as an upgrade to the Home Study Program or the Intensive Track for a savings of $100.  Upon purchase of any eStudy resource, an email with instructions for accessing the eStudy program will be sent to you within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

The eStudy Program consists of:

– Family Solution’s eStudy Workbook breaks each of the key MFT models into
eStudy Chapters that offer quizzes, video clips,  and other links key to your
preparation.  Also included are audio reviews of each MFT model.

Family Solutions’ New 6th Edition Digital Study Guide presented as a PDF file which offers you the ability to search the Study Guide for particular key words or concepts which includes new DSM-5 and Crisis Management chapters.
Family Solutions’ AAMFT National Conference 4 Day Institute PowerPoint Presentationwhich allows you to focus your course of study on a single Practice and Learning Domain at a time. Questions and exercises are provided to test your comprehension of the material presented.
Family Solutions Forums -are available to ask questions about the exam, get support and to share test taking tips.
Join our nightly eStudy Group and share content information and study with other candidates from across the country. This is a great study vehicle for those who live in remote areas and can’t find study partners!
Simulated Practice Exams in both 100 and 200 questions formats. Practice actual exam-style questions an unlimited number of times while getting personalized feedback around your strengths and weaknesses.  Each time you take the exam, a Personal Profile is displayed in both a report and graphic formats to show you where you need to next study and how you compare to others studying for the exam.   Detailed discussions on right and wrong answers, an MFT Glossary is also available. Subscription offer unlimited access for 90 days.

No refunds are available for any eStudy or Practice Exam subscriptions, though they may be parked if not accessed to use in a later time.


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