Family Solutions has been helping thousands of MFT’s become LMFT’s since 1992, the year of the AMFTRB licensing exams’ inception. Family Solutions offers real support designed to augment your previous training into a personalized approach to pass the exam. We work with you, tailoring our resources and support to what you actually need to pass the exam. Here is a small sampling of the ongoing feedback we receive on a regular basis.

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Hi Rob,
Just found out that I passed my test the first time. Passing was set at 145/200 and I scored 165/200! I took the December 2019 test and received results on January 9! I most utilized the practice tests, reading the book with the practice tests for each section, and writing the words and definitions onto note cards. I took one week and did multiple practice tests then went through what I got correct and what I missed - reading the reasoning behind the correct answers!

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know I passed the first time!

Texas 01/03/2020

I passed on the first try! FSI's tools helped! Yay!


I passed, first try! Your study materials really helped to organize the data and guide my study efforts.

Rayanne N., LMFT

Massachusetts 12/28/2019

I took the exam 2 times did not pass, then I got on your website and PASSED!!!

Hawaii 12/16/2019

Dear Rob,

I wanted to let you know that I took my MFT exam on November 23rd for the 1st time.
Praise the Lord - I passed it!! I appreciate your generous spirit!

I wanted to let you know that your workshop, which I had on DVD was the most helpful. I am giving all materials away, but I am keeping your glossary and the notes I took from the workshop.

I would have loved to meet you in person, but it didn’t work out that way.

You were a blessing to me. Thank you for all you do to help us get closer to passing this very challenging exam.

P.S. I didn’t do well with your practice exams, but I passed with a 159 and the passing score was 145.

I will always appreciate you.

Thank you,

Ariadne C., LMFT

Georgia 12/13/2019

I found the materials and approach extremely useful in preparing for the test. First, the clarity of focus ( this is just what you need to know for the test) allowed me to stop being critical of the material. Second, the multiple ways to study help me sustain engagement through the months of studying. I went from seeing YouTube videos to doing tests to reading to listening in the car to watching the workshop. The multiplicity also allowed me to prepared while in the car, in bed at night or at the office. I hesitated about getting or not the workshop, but I do recommend it. I got a lot out of it and it helped me organize my thinking in a more useful way. It was worth the investment in money and time. I passed on the first try and I don't think I could have make without this materials.

Pennsylvania 11/18/2019


I just want to thank you for everything. I used your materials as my main method to learn the information. When I didn’t pass the second time, you said to me, “I’m going to be here until you pass.” I thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

I passed with a score of 154! Passing score was 145.

Tennessee 11/12/2019


I wanted to Thank you and FSO for helping to prepare me for the exam.
I believe that the study guide, worksheets, charts, DVDs, CDs and practice exams were essential to my success.

I am relieved and proud to tell you that I passed !!!

Leslie K., LMFT

Texas 10/03/2019

Hi, your profile just came up on my Linked In...I used FSI to help me pass my exam back in 2005!!! Good to see you here. Hope all is well with you and I'm glad to see your business is still growing strong.

Florida 08/16/2019

Passed the on the first try with a score right at the 80% ...... Thank you for providing these materials. I found the materials extremely useful in preparing for the exam and passing!!

Aslhey B., LMFT

Georgia 06/19/2019


After wasting time on various other sites that had no relevance to the test, I finally bought your whole package and jumped in. I am happy to report that I just got my results back and I got a 184!! Well beyond passing!!! It never would have happened without FSO. My first practice test I got a 62...then I watched and rewatched the videos, kept studying and here I am!

Thank you so much for putting out such a superior product. It is well worth my purchase!!!

Thanks again
Michelle H., LMFT

Massachusetts 06/18/2019

I got a 163. Thank you so much for answering my many questions. I only used your study materials and passed on the first go-round. So thank you!
Michelle L., LMFT

New Jersey 06/18/2019

Just wanted to let you know I took the MFT exam last month and scored a 175. No doubt your prep materials were instrumental in my excellent score! I used the “green book,” the model worksheets, and MFT Glossary. With those and a few practice exams I felt confident going in and was able to think through the questions in ways that assured I picked the best answers.



Texas 01/08/2019

Thank you so much for having a great program! Using the independent study guide, big Study Guide, cds and practice exams I was able to pass my LMFT exam on the first try, and by a very comfortable margin! Phenomenal, comprehensive and well-organized prep material that I would recommend to ANYONE taking their licensure exam!

Jessie D., LMFT

Massachusetts 12/10/2018

I used your materials over the Summer to study for the exam and passed with ease. Thank you so much for the help.
C. Clow, LMFT

Florida 12/07/2017

Rochelle R., LMFT

Florida 11/17/2017

Good morning Rob! I’ve been so busy I forgot to tell you that I passed my exam on the first try back in July! I just sent my application for licensure in last week here in North Carolina. The board meets next week and will be notifying us the end of the month about approvals! I’m so excited!
Thanks for all that you do to help students to pass the exam. Your videos helped tremendously!!!
Have a great day!
Tameka M., LMFT

North Carolina 11/09/2017

Just got my results today. I passed with a score of 175. YAY.. I am so glad that is over!!
In retrospect, the best thing the Family Solutions' materials offers is a thorough overview of the material. I found the actual exam was more focused on practical applications which would include research and DSM type questions. I came out of the exam having no idea how well I did, so I was very pleased when I got my score. I really took my time answering the questions. I also practiced with the 100 item tests (at least 5 times) and the 200 item test (5 times). I felt taking the 200 item test helped me get used to the endurance aspect of the actual exam, though the actual exam took nearly the 4 hours allotted.
Margarete J., LMFT

Ontario 08/10/2017

Just took the exam on July 15th 2017 and I passed after studying weekends for two months. I used the study guide book provided here and the 100 and 200 question practice exam until I was getting 90's and up. With that being said, make sure you can read a case and immediately know what exact diagnoses to provide ( don't think that's depression, but know what type, etc.) the actual exam had a lot of those questions. I'm very excited I couldn't have done it without the help from here. 🙂
Mailen P., LMFT

New Jersey 08/10/2017

I received my results today. I passed. Hallelujah!
Vanessa V., LMFT

Puerto Rico 08/10/2017

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to thank you again for extending my test banks, I got notice over the weekend that I Passed! Your system was very helpful.
Best Regards,

Nancy P., MA, LMFT

Connecticut 08/07/2017

This post has been well overdue, as I needed a month to recoup...Lol. Any who, I took the MFT exam on June 24, 2017. I received my test results in mail on July 13, 2017. I PASSED!!!!!!!! Thanks 🙂
Kenyatta P., LMFT

Texas 08/03/2017

I passsed the exam on 4/21/17.
Thank you.
Christine L., LMFT

Arizona 06/24/2017

I passed!!!
Thanks, Rob
Virginia C., LMFT

Colorado 06/17/2017

Hi Rob,
Thank you for your guidance, and answering my multiple questions from Hawaii. I'm happy to say I passed the national MFT exam on my first attempt! Your resources and guidance were extremely helpful (DVD, CD's, green book. practice exams) in trying to find my way through the exhaustive amount of information to retain. I also enjoyed the mini courses in Crisis Management, HIPAA, and Outcome Research.
When I steered off course and started using a California based national website that caused me to spiral downward due to repetitive failed practice exams, your advice in focusing back on Family Solutions' materials, the major theories, DSM-5, ethics, statistics, and HIPAA proved invaluable. And then I went back to FSI's practice exams, and got my confidence back by scoring in the high 90's, which eventually lead to a passing MFT exam grade.
Vicky W., LMFT

Hawaii 06/11/2017

Hi All,
I wasn't sure immediately how to leave feedback but wanted to thank you all for the program you've put together. I passed my exam on the first attempt with a 176, passing starting at 144. The study guide, practice tests and other resources in the eStudy program were the perfect choice for me and the 90 days I had to study. I'm waiting on the Texas Board to get back in touch with me, but it's all smooth sailing from here thanks to your program!
Thank you,
Stephanie B., LMFT

Texas 05/24/2017

I passed the test the first time around - yay! I am now licensed in California (30 years +) and now in Nevada!
Thanks for all the great testing material. I have recommended your company to others.

Mary B., LMFT

Nevada 04/03/2017

Hi Rob. Happy to share that I passed the exam! Thank you for the material and support.
Gisselle A., LMFT

Connecticut 04/02/2017

Dear Rob,
Guess what??
I passed and Kermit did too.!
Thank you for your help in that coming to pass.
We are enormously relieved.
respectfully and with deep gratitude
Louisa P. and Kermit C., LMFTs

New Mexico 04/01/2017

Dear Rob,
Guess what??
I passed and Kermit did too.!
Thank you for your help in that coming to pass.
We are enormously relieved.
respectfully and with deep gratitude
Louisa P. and Kermit C., LMFTs

New Mexico 03/29/2017

Hello Rob!!! Congratulations!!! I passed my MFT exam!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!
All the best,
Brana R., LMFT

New York 02/16/2017

Hi Rob; FSI staff!
Guess what?! I passed my exam! I scored 165 and passing was 141. I have been out of school for over 10 years and I was nervous to sit for the exam. I found your website and was really impressed and ended up buying the Intensive Track that came with the green book, dvd workshop, audio cds, online practice exams, plus more! I took the pre-test and scored 48%. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know after being in the field for a decade. I loved having all of the resources because when I couldn't focus on the book, I'd switch to the cds, dvds, or review terms in the glossary that came with the package. About 3 months before the exam I started taking the online practice exams. I tried to take one each weekend and I saw my scores keep going up and up until I was steadily over 80%. After taking the exam I think the most valuable part of studying for me was the practice exams. When I sat for the exam it felt to me like I was just taking another practice exam because I was so used to the format. For anyone who doesn't know where to start with passing this exam I HIGHLY recommend buying this program and putting in the effort. It will pay off! Thank you SO MUCH!! I'm very appreciative of your materials and all you do for the MFT community.
Jamie H., LMFT

Indiana 01/17/2017

Hi Rob,
I passed and I am so so so thankful for this preparation program and community! I graduated 4 years ago and in those 4 years have lived in 3 different states, unfortunately putting the exam off. I finally took the exam this past December and received my results in exactly 4 weeks. I was scheduled to take the exam in September but did not feel prepared so I paid to reschedule it, and am so glad that I did.
I understand that each exam has the potential to be different but one area I felt underprepared for was Diagnosis.
I am a very slow test taker and actually ran the clock down to 2 minutes with 10ish questions unanswered. When I realized this I went ahead and selected answers very quickly for each remaining one. I definitely wouldn't recommend loosing track of time though, as it increased my post-test anxiety.
Reading through the entire Study Guide, underlining key concepts and taking notes.
Listening to the audio CDs continually and even reciting back some of the concepts.
Going through the DVDs one time thoroughly, while taking notes and then a second time while overlooking notes.
Going through the MFT online workbook and visiting all the additional links provided.
Taking these quizzes and practice exams twice to get in the test mode.
Reading through the discussion forums.
Identifying when I am at my best cognitively and scheduling the exam for that time of day (early morning for me).
Not being afraid to reschedule the exam when I realized I wasn't ready in September.
Every test center may be different but we weren't able to take food or water in with us so I would prepare to eat healthy and start hydrating two days early so that you are at your best the day of the exam.
THANK YOU ROB, FSI Team, and all who shared personal preparation tips!!
Abigail F., LMFT

North Carolina 01/17/2017

You and your team did it again! I passed the MFT National exam. I previously took the test and was not able to understand the components well enough to apply the different theories. I listened to the CD's, took practice exams, and allowed the study book to guide me. I made up families and applied the techniques discussed. I am so happy, I have no other words.

Capri G., LMFT

South Carolina 12/07/2016

Thanks Rob- I passed the exam on first try thanks to your material!
Julie M., LMFT

North Dakota 11/29/2016

I passed the test (using only the eStudy Program)!
Melissa O., Washington

Washington 11/07/2016

Good Morning Rob
I have good news…I passed the MFT exam in Texas and am now an LMFT Associate!
Thank you for your excellent materials.
Best regards,
Linda R. M., LMFT

Texas 10/08/2016

I just want to say a quick thank you! I received my letter today, and I passed the exam by a wide margin! Aside from the practice tests, the Virtual Workshop was particularly helpful to me. Thanks again for the work you do!
Taryn P., LMFT

Tennessee 10/08/2016

HI Rob,
I am happy to report that I passed the MFT exam with a score of 159! Thank you for creating this study guide, it was truly a huge help and really expanded my knowledge of the MFT field.
Warm regards,

Zach P., LMFT

California 09/20/2016

Hi Rob,
I took exam recently (first time) and passed. My license came in yesterday.
The exam seemed to be weighted toward domestic violence.
Thanks again for your patience and perseverance.
Helen B., LMFT

Hawaii 09/11/2016

CONGRATS TO ALL THAT PASSED!!!! I PASSED TOO!!! 156! Thank you for saying your results arrived, I wouldve never checked the mail on a Sunday! So relieved 🙂 A big THANK YOU to FSO!
Marielisa S., LMFT

Florida 09/11/2016

Rob and Family Solutions were incredibly helpful! Since my degree is in Mental Health Counseling, I had minimal training on systems theory. However, after several months of studying and diligently moving through the study material I passed with a 166! I know I could not have passed without Rob and FSO's study materials.
Melissa C., LMFT

Florida 09/09/2016

Hi Rob,
I am just emailing you to let you know that I passed the exam!! Thank you you so much for working with me and helping me get everything situated with the practice tests and eStudy material. It was all so very helpful, your study guide is God sent. Thank you so so so much for that material, I am forever grateful.
Amanda N., LMFT

Georgia 09/09/2016

I Thank God!!!!! I passed and can't believe it!!!!! I received a 147. Thanks Rob for all your help!!!!
Deonca R., LMFT

South Carolina 09/09/2016

Dear Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam . Thank you for a great program!
Judith L., LMFT

Pennsylvania 09/08/2016

I passed. Thank you.
Shraga S., LMFT

Pennsylvania 08/27/2016

Thank you so much for providing great information in the study program. Totally worth it. The first time around I failed the exam by one point... you can imagine my frustration. The second time around I decided to buy Rob's program and passed! I took the exam July 23. I did way better the second time around. Thank you so much!
Good luck to those taking it soon!
Gabriela M., LMFT

Texas 08/18/2016

I passed!!!! Thanks so much for all the help and support!!!
David N., LMFT

Pennsylvania 07/15/2016

I am pleased to inform you I have just received notice of passing my LMFT national exam!!!! Thank you for the help; the DVD's and guidance was very helpful! I have just submitted my finaly application and am waiting on my new license 🙂 Every Blessing, Lori D. W., MA, MHP, LMFT

Washington 07/12/2016

I graduated this weekend and returned home to find letter waiting...
Thank you Rob!!
Jamie W., LMFT

Texas 07/11/2016

Hey Rob :-). I feel bad for not posting on the site or letting you know that I PASSED first time through thanks to FSI. Woof - that was quite a challenge and I couldn't have done it without FSI.
Deborah M., LMFT

Georgia 07/08/2016

Your materials did the trick. I passed the MFT exam with a 165, and only needed a 144 to pass. My score equates to about 82.5%. Thanks for the help and great study materials.
All the best,
Brad S., LMFT

Washington 06/15/2016

I want to send my deepest thanks to Rob Guise and Family Solutions Institute! Before discovering FSO, I had taken the test 2 previous times. Needless to say I had nearly given up. Rob was always very prompt in my email contacts to help me with which testing material to purchase, responded when I needed guidance while using the material, and was very encouraging! I took the test after 3 months of dedicated studying as outlined in the Estudy program and home materials. I recently got my results and I am proud to say that I didn't only pass but I blew my previous scores out of the water, I am so very thankful for this program and will recommend to any individual that is seeking license as a LMFT!
With sincere thanks and utmost gratitude,
Courtney D., LMFT

Texas 06/15/2016

I passed !!!!
Not to frighten anybody, but I must say that this exam was the hardest exam that I have EVER taken. The vagueness of the questions and the format of questions itself were horrible. The practice tests at FSI were good for just that - practice. Do not make the mistake and think that the actual tests will follow suit. Make sure that you study your information from Research Methods (reliability, validity, ANOVA, etc). Managing Crisis and Ethnicity in Counseling are other areas that I remember. FSI short courses really help!!!
Another word of advice when taking the practice test at FSI - do not just simply rejoice that you got an answer correct. Try to understand why the other answers are incorrect. You must be able to dissect each answer.
Rob, I thank you for all your help. This study material was great!!
Cherlyn L., LMFT

Texas 06/10/2016

Hey Rob and Michael,
I wanted to send you both a quick email to thank you for all of your help and encouragement over the past two years with taking the licensing exam...
I received notice just this week that I finally passed that challenging exam and I am now a fully LICENSED marriage and family therapist in Wisconsin!
Again, thanks for all you both do, have a great weekend !!!
Ryan J., LMFT

Wisconsin 05/26/2016

Hi Rob!
I wanted to let you know that I PASSED the MFT Exam, thanks to your help! I received the letter last week stating that I scored a 171!!! I was thrilled, to say the least.
Thank you for your study program. It helped tremendously.
All the best to you,
Jeri S., LMFT

North Carolina 04/13/2016

I am proud to announce that I indeed passed the MFT exam! Thank you so much for the Family Solutions Program. The virtual workshops, Model CDs, workbook, and practice exams were extremely helpful.
Since I suffer from ADHD, I have difficulty focusing on materials. However, the Family Solutions Program is geared to help those who are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic based learners. The use of humor and
Metaphors in the teaching allowed me to recall answers while taking the actual exam.
I am thankful for the times I was able to reach out to you, Rob, through email and phone calls. You were approachable and willing to help! There is no way I would have passed without your guidance.
Much Thanks again!
Alicia D. H., LMFT

South Carolina 04/11/2016

Dear Rob:

Your ability to advise and appropriately direct a unique learning program for individuals like me is why I successfully passed my first attempt in taking MFT state board exam. Thank you so much! Initially, I felt pretty overwhelmed when reading the MFT testing domains and associated content posted on the AMFTRB website. Seeing the knowledge requirements made me realize that I needed a structured and organized study plan with consolidated materials, otherwise too study many resources from different organizations would only make me feel more besieged. It felt somewhat risky to put “all of my eggs in one basket” but it was also necessary. I purchased the FSI Home Study program and was very methodic in my approach by reading thoroughly, but in manageable chunks, the FSI study guide. I also studied the MFT worksheets and charts, the HIPPA and Crisis Management materials, watched the workshop DVD, and took the FSI practice exams for measuring my progress.

I am grateful for FSI and for your sincere dedication and care in helping people navigate how best to learn the material and pass a test that at first, seems so overwhelming and difficult. What is most amazing is that learners using your online resources are “known” to you. In other words, we are not just names with credit card numbers who are purchasing products from your website, we become students in your care regardless of the frequency in email contact. I am certain that others know this to be true as well. There are times when weeks and weeks would pass as I worked on my own, and also times when I would write with a few questions from time to time. Your responses were prompt and specific to my needs – as if you knew me personally, somehow based on my practice exams and access to the study materials on your website.

Becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist has been a long-term goal and passion of mine. Thank you for helping me overcome the most intimidating part of the journey towards doing the professional work that inspires me so deeply.

Sincerely Yours,

Keri W., LMFT

Michigan 04/09/2016

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to tell you I took the exam in January and got an 84.
However, I was not confident when I left the test. I should have done more study on dsm diagnosis as well as ethics.
Can't complain though under the circumstances. 🙂
I enjoyed your study materials and it has led me to read more about Erickson and Haley, in particular.
Wouldn't mind finding some additional training in strategic therapy and hypnotherapy.
Thank you so much for helping me pass the test.
Maxine P., LMFT

New York 03/31/2016

Hi Rob,
First of all, I want to thank you for all that you do at FSO! I passed the LMFT exam on my first attempt, largely thanks to your materials.
thanks again,
Elizabeth Z., LMFT

Connecticut 02/29/2016

Hi Rob,
I initially looked at the FSI study program and decided I didn't need to pay for a study program, I could do it on my own. I was wrong. After taking the online course, I finally PASSED. I believe it is the way the material is presented by FSI that made me more confident and better able to recall the information I already understood. By not taking the FSI initially, I more than paid for FSI with the additional cost of retaking the exam. I took the exam January 2016.

Ashton M., LMFT

Maryland 02/18/2016

Thank you Family Solutions and Rob! I'm an LMFT now after way too many years holding on to my associate license due to fear. If any of you follow my plan with this material, you will pass. My only advise is to stretch that 100 hours longer than 3 weeks...that was a bear and not good for my mental health.
I am pleased to say that I passed the exam with flying colors thanks to this study material! I got a 157 out of 200 with the passing score set at a 136. I put this exam off for three years due to my horrific test anxiety, but the Family Solutions' material got me through!
For those of you about to take the exam, here was my recipe for success:
I had planned to study 175 hours over 2 months but some unforeseen circumstances put me in a position to only study for 3 weeks. However, I put 100 hours of studying into those three weeks and passed.
1) I read the entire study guide cover to cover (retaining very little I would imagine)
2) I listened to the audio CD's everyday commuting to work for a month (45min-1hour 4 days a week)
3) I watched the Intensive Workshop DVD's twice taking pages of notes.
4) I took the 100 question practice exam ten times. My scores in order: 63% 75% 73% 87% 86% 83% 86% 83% 86% 88% 92% 86%
5) Then I took the 200 question exam and got a 93%
The actual exam was a mix of easy questions, hard questions, and a lot of WTF questions. I know for a fact that this study material gave me the edge I needed to pass the thing. I found half of the exam to be a breeze thanks to this material, and half of it to be very odd. I walked out of the exam (exhausted) thinking I probably passed but also feeling like it would not surprise me if I failed. The exam is that ambiguous.
The recipe I listed above is solid. I would not have changed a thing. The DVD's and the practice exams are indispensable and were the most helpful of all.
Best of luck,
Rick M., MA, LMFT!

Washington 02/04/2016

Thank you for your help.
The study materials were very helpful. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt.
Thanks again.
Dayle L.-R., LMFT

Hawaii 01/20/2016

I have to say that you have really helped me understand the models of Family Therapy. I am thoroughly enjoying the virtual workshops. Thank you for what you do to help others pass the marriage and family therapy exam.
Respect fully,
Alicia H.

South Carolina 01/14/2016

To Rob Guise and company,
I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for creating your program. I took the exam in December and attribute my passing grade to the time and energy spent using your study guide. I received a score of 148, which is above the cutoff of 136 for the clinical level status. I took the advice and studied dillegently for a few months using your study materials.
The materials for the program are well written, well organized and in many ways solidified all of the information I learned in graduate school. Thank you again for creating this study program!
Sherri J., LMFT

Kansas 01/14/2016

Hello Rob,
Having just taken and passed the MFT Licensing Exam on December 18th, I am extraordinarily grateful to Family Solutions for their excellent study materials, structured and insightful guidance, and excellent attention to the individual study needs of the students in its program. As FSI recommended, I spent three months immersed in hard study hours. I reviewed the study materials, read the study guides, listened to the audio study aids, and took the practice exams at the same time every morning (rationale: my MFT exam was scheduled for 9:30 am). As a result I was able to greatly enrich my existing knowledge and skill level as well as to enhance my test taking abilities. FSI came highly recommended by colleagues who had successfully taken the MFT exam. When I determined to take the exam there was no question in my mind that I would use FSI as the resource to prepare me to achieve the best possible result. Special thanks to you, Rob Guise, for conducting an excellent, information filled, and enjoyable seminar as well as your subsequent support and insightful advice. I will highly recommend FSI to anyone who is in search of the best prep for the MFT Licensure exam.
Many Thanks and Best Wishes in the New Year,
Dr. Miranda S. H., LMFT

Florida 01/14/2016

To Rob Guise and company,
I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for creating your program. I took the exam in December and attribute my passing grade to the time and energy spent using your study guide. I received a score of 148, which is above the cutoff of 136 for the clinical level status. I took the advice and studied diligently for a few months using your study materials.
The materials for the program are well written, well organized and in many ways solidified all of the information I learned in graduate school. Thank you again for creating this study program!
Sherri J., LMFT

Kansas 12/03/2015

Hi Rob,
I wanted to thank you for all your help in preparing for the LMFT exam.
I took the test on October 17th, and received the results on Nov 21. (this is in NJ)
I'm thrilled to report that I passed with a score of 160 out of 200. (passing was 136).
I know i wouldn't have passed without Family Solution's study materials and your
encouragement to persevere.
Thanks again for the encouragement and answering all my questions.
Nancy D., LMFT

New Jersey 10/14/2015

After putting off my exam for almost 2 years, I finally committed to taking my exam about 3 months ago. Feeling overwhelmed and almost paralyzed by fear of failure, having heard the stories of how difficult the exam is and how many people don't pass right away, I took a leap of faith and purchased the estudy program. I faithfully went through each chapter reading, taking notes, and taking the quizzes. The quizzes and practice exams helped me immensely. I took my exam after 82 days of daily estudy with FSI. Today, I found out that I passed with a 164/200. Thank you sooooo much Rob and team. Now I'm on to licensure!

Amberly G, LMFT

Colorado 09/10/2015

Hello Dr. Guise,
I wanted to reach out and thank you for your passion and commitment in helping students and professionals pass the licensing exam. I have a family with a very busy life so I didn't have120 hours within a 3 month span. I've been out of school 10 years and finally decided to sit for the exam. I am proud to say that I took my test August of 2015 and PASSED on the first try!!!! I have no doubt in my mind that I would have probably taken it at least twice had I not purchased your at home products. In hind site I should have spent the extra dollars and purchased the e-study course but everything I bought did the trick. I was on the fence about the financial investment but it was well worth it!
Thanks again,
Carmella B., LMFT

Texas 09/09/2015

I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that I passed the exam!! Thank you soooo much for all the hard work your team has done to put all these study materials together! It was extremely helpful!!
Todd G., LMFT

Colorado 09/08/2015

Hello Everyone,
I have been a California licensed MFT for 21 years and needed to take the National Exam in order to get licensed in Iowa.Three weeks after the exam I was notified I passed! Not only did the Family Solutions study material help me prepare for the Exam, it was also a good review of theory, techniques, & newer models I had not so closely reviewed or understood. After reading the text, multiple screenings of the workshops on DVDs, listening obsessively to the Audio Tapes and summarizing the entire book into my own notes, I found the eStudy Program most useful -- particularly the chance to take practice tests on-line and get well done explanations why one question works and other's don't. I finished the exam in 3 hours -- so had an hour to review flagged questions. I knew from the Family Solutions exams, that I did better on the later questions, so went over my earlier questions on the exam and found changes I wanted to make. The Family Solutions course is extensive and thorough, hard to absorb all the information but covers all the basis and is the reason I passed this exam. Thank you Rob for your guidance, encouragement and support. I couldn't have done it without this course.
Dan O., LMFT

California 09/08/2015

I passed!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the recommended study materials and flexibility on packaging. With 4 kids and 3 jobs have multiple study options is helpful! Also, I only had about 40 hours to study so having on point presentations was great. Would have loved one or two sessions on ethics and such but people who passed the test aren't choosy at this point ... just relieved! I shared your stuff on my Facebook page, definitely recommend your stuff and I doubt I would have passed without it! Sometimes I feel like I learned more in your course than in some of my classes... yours should just be a required course in grad school.
Elizabeth M., LMFT

Washington 09/04/2015

Hello Rob Guise,
Thank you for all the wonderful study tricks for the exam. I found your videos extremely helpful in passing my exam this July.
Thank you again
Lisa A., LMFT

New York 07/20/2015

I wanted to let you know that I took the AMFTRB exam on June 26th for the first time and got my scores back today and I PASSED! I only used FSI products and I am so happy that I took the practice exams until I thought my eyes would bleed. I can honestly say that the practice tests on your site were harder than the actual exam. Is that weird? Thank you so much for the service you provide.
Mindy R., LMFT

Texas 03/15/2015

I like to sincerely thank Rob Guise for all the support in my journey. I had to take the test more than once, with that said, Rob encourage me to hang-in and focus on what I did not do well. This gave me confidence because I was devastated with the pressure to pass the exam. Even though I have not met Rob Guise in person I feel as if I know him well from reviewing his DVDs and study materials numerous times and many hours, as well as brief conversations on the phone. Rob was in my corner all the way. I'm not a test taker but having his and my families support helped tremendously and I'm grateful to finally pass. I'm still surprised that I passed, but now I can say with God's help and the preparation of Family Solution MFT materials I can now move on. I made the right choice. Remember that you can-do-it. Thank you for your support Rob. Sincerely Jose L., LMFT

South "Carolina" 03/07/2015

Thank you Rob!
I passed the exam back in November, and the NC LMFT board has recently approved my license.
I want everyone to know that your study materials were a huge part of this success!
I passed the exam with flying colors! I know (way down deep) that I could not have done this without your FSI study materials. Thank you!
I had a small window of time to study and pass.
I watched the workshop on DVD first, and the framework of the material began to make sense. I felt so relieved, that (with caution) I went onto your online materials, and it all seemed to make perfect sense...until I doubted myself and spent more money on exam prep materials from other companies. Big mistake! The big lesson for me was about my own fear...and many companies profit from this...
In my heart of hearts, I know that you have created this program from a place of Truth.
And it works! Once you get the historical timeline down, the rest falls into place.
As a single mom with a full time job, I found a way to make it work....through FSI.
Thanks for making this do-able, Rob!
And thanks for helping me through my fear.
Nanette K., LMFT

North Carolina 01/20/2015

To Family Solutions Institute and Future Licensed Professionals,
This license process can be difficult, it took me 6 times before I finally passed and I can assure you that you have come to the right company/website and resource to meet all your license preparation needs. I have dealt exclusively with Rob Guise from the beginning. This has been a 2 year process for me as my previous efforts were “close but no cigar.” Each time I was able to call Rob Guise directly and discuss my frustrations and even how my study process could be revamped. Without hesitation he guided me in the direction to “get it on the next try.” From study habits, analyzing my study process, reviewing my materials, offering me other material, and EVEN THE ABILITY TO CALL HIM DIRECTLY FOR HELP!! How amazing is that? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the privilege of speaking to “The Expert” so candidly as I have with him.
Family Solutions Institute is not just the leading company in up to date training material for your exam, they are exactly that, FAMILY. There to help, support, guide, and occasionally crack a joke if you don’t pass.
Don’t take this process lightly, ask them for EVERYTHING they recommend. My materials included e study package, audio review, online practice exams, outcome research, crisis prevention, DVD virtual workshop, model chart comparison and a few others.
This is a marathon, not a sprint, and like any marathon, you want the best training regiment and coach there with you. THIS IS THE PLACE!!
Much respect and appreciation for Rob Guise and his team here at Family Solutions Institute!!
Love and Aloha,
Douglas Kainoa D., LMFT

Hawaii 01/13/2015

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know I received my AMFTRB exam results and I passed with an 86.5%!! There is no way I could have done this without taking your course and using the online study program! I have already recommended you to several people in my office.
Thank you so much for everything!! I wish you health and prosperity in the new year!
Steph S., LFMT

Colorado 12/16/2014

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the national exam and am an LMFT! Thank you :)!
Susanne H., LMFT

Colorado 12/16/2014

I wanted to extend my appreciation for the study tools provided through your organization. I utilized the Family Solutions Study Guide (Big Green book), the online practice exams (100 & 200 question bank), the Models audio tapes and a few other materials to prepare for the exam (Nov 2014). These resources were amazing and gave me insight into understanding the strategies needed to pass the exam successfully! Received my letter yesterday...and I PASSED!!! It was well worth the time and money spent!
Barb B., LMFT

Texas 12/14/2014

Hi Rob,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the LMFT exam on my first attempt. Just got the news Friday. As I have read in all the testimonials, no way could I have passed without Family Solutions. The last standardized exam I took was in 1979 and I graduated from my family therapy program in 1991. I bought the big green book and signed up for the 100 and 200 exam questions. I was also, working full-time and trying to get a senior in high school ready for college! Your program is a gift but more importantly it works.
Thank you....Karen M., LMFT

Pennsylvania 12/14/2014

Hello Rob -
I just want to thank you for all the great study materials! I just found out this morning that I passed the MD exam (the passing score was 138 and I got 163). Family Solutions Institute was instrumental in helping me pass the MFT National Exam. The online study materials. practice tests and weekend workshop provided the foundation needed to be extremely well-prepared. I would recommend the FSI materials over any of the other prep materials being marketed today! Thanks again, I am very happy!
Alisa S., LMFT

Maryland 12/13/2014

Hello! I am writing to let you know I passed my exam!!
Thank you for your exam prep materials!
Jodie C., LMFT

North Carolina 12/12/2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you - Rob Guise and Family Solutions Institute! For me the key was the 2-day FSI workshop and the study materials, particularly the CD's. Following the workshop I was able to listen to discussions of the 16 therapeutic models in my car and on my phone in every spare moment. I gave myself 4 weeks in-between the workshop and the exam ... and honestly wish I'd had 4 more weeks to just keep on absorbing the material. But I really wanted to try the exam in this, the last test window for the DSM-IV. And, lo and beyond, I passed!
Thank you FSI; thank you Rob!
Grace and peace,
Rev. Susan Carter W., LMFT

Arkansas 12/09/2014

I just got my letter yesterday. I passed with an 81 which I am totally happy with. If it wasn't for the practice tests and material from FSI I don't know that I would have passed. I left the exam without really any confidence that I had passed. I had already decided that if I didn't pass, I would resubscribe to FSI's online material and try to take a workshop. The questions were pretty tough, but I just answered with what I thought was probably the best answer. It took me the whole 4 hours.
Thanks so much Rob,
Grace M,LMFT

South "Carolina" 09/23/2014

Hi Rob,
I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for all of your help and your study program. I know I made a late decision to use your program and you were so kind to give me online access since the holiday weekend would delay my DVDs. I am very happy to report that I have passed my licensing exam on the first try! I found the DVDs to be incredibly helpful in my preparation. I also used the FSI study guide and I prepared and confident during my exam. The combination of reading the material and hearing you teach it helped me retain the information well. I will recommend this program to all of my fellow therapists preparing for the MFT licensing exam.
Thanks again,
Morgan Z., LMFT

Pennsylvania 07/13/2014

Dear Rob,
I am happy to tell you that I received notification last week that I passed the National MFT licensing exam! That was my first time taking the exam and I know I have you and Family Solutions to thank - the study guide, flash cards, CDs, practice exams and HIPPA information were all helpful, not only for passing the exam, but for reference materials as I move forward in the MFT world. I am currently completing my dissertation in a Ph.D. Program.
It is quite a relief to have passed the National MFT licensing exam and I want to wish you continued success in helping other future MFTs pass their licensing exams as well. You are a great value and I reaped the reward of a ROI (Return on Investment)!
Julia B., LMFT

Florida 07/13/2014

Hi Rob,

I passed....on the first attempt! I used your study guide, audio tapes, DVD of you doing the training, on-line courses, and practice exams.

I also talked to you twice on the phone the week of the MFT exam in a panic to be sent additional on line materials and you sent them immediately.

I will write a public thank you and acknowledgement on your site, but wanted to thank you personally.

Denise C., LMFT

Pennsylvania 07/02/2014

Hi Rob,
I wanted to let you know I passed my exam!!!!!!!!!! Got the news today! The study materials were so helpful and prepared me to pass this exam on my very first try!!!!
Jodi M., LMFT

Virginia 06/16/2014

Everyone from my MFT program recommended this product. I found it to be organized and logical to follow especially with the companion CD's. Debra L. LMFT

Georgia 06/14/2014

I purchased various online and hard copy materials to study for the exam. These materials were by far the most helpful for me. Having the tangible reading and concept guides helped prep my brain well for the exam. I passed my first attempt. I read the entire book and I also reviewed concepts that seemed to be most relevant in practice questions I found on the FSI eStudy Program. Robert S R., LMFT

Utah 03/26/2014

I took the test 5 times. I was out of school and not in an internship. The last 3 or 4 times I used the Study Guide, the Virtual Workshop DVD and the MFT Audio Review CD's. I also employed a FSI faculty member as a tutor the last time. I believe the material from FSI was excellent and was a resource for perseverance.
Pam B., LMFT (It's never to late!)

Texas 03/10/2014

Hello Mr. Guise,
I wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks for your workshop and all of your assistance and pointers. I took the exam as planned and passed with an 85... I am just thrilled that I will not need to repeat the experience... you were definitely correct there... It's not something you don't want to pass the first time around. Thanks again and I'll be sure to put the word out about your workshop and materials if I can... Have a great week ahead!

Best Regards,
Grecia C., LMFT

Florida 03/06/2014

I passed my exam!!!! It was not my first time but this last time I used everything I could: friends, estudy program, big green FSI study guide, DVD's....faith! And I did it....(I think I also used some of Rob's patience) big grin Thank you so much for all your kindness through my fear and nervousness. I am truly grateful! - Andi. S., LMFT

Utah 03/04/2014

Hi Rob,
I wanted to let you and your team know that I learned today that I passed the MFT exam (30 points above the minimum score needed)!
Thanks for all of your materials and your guidance.
Hannah K., LMFT

Pennsylvania 03/04/2014

Hi Rob,

I just want to let you know that I passed my exam today! Thank you so much for all your advice. I am a visual learner so the workshop video was an amazing resource. I have also found the slides from the video to be incredibly helpful. That,combined with the eStudy practice exams and the green study guide really helped prepare me. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Thanks again, for making the study process so organized and easy to follow!
Peggy W., LMFT

New York 03/04/2014


I PASSED!! Couldn't have done it without FSI.
Thanks so much for all the instruction.

JoAnn U., LMFT

New York 03/04/2014

Hi Rob!
I have been watching your video and I really want to thank you! It has been really helpful to put things in order for me and gives me a better snapshot of everything. Lots of information and it can be completely overwhelming but the video has helped! Adding your comments and how it applies to your therapy has been helpful as well.
Taking the exam next week and hoping to have better luck this time around!
Thanks again!
Take care!
Meredith N. LMFT Candidate

Connecticut 02/02/2014

Hi Rob. I took the workshop in Austin. I was the old bald guy with a white beard (Presbyterian minister) who graduated so long ago that much of the test seemed foreign. You asked us to let you know how we did. I got a call from the Oklahoma office yesterday telling me I passed. They said a 134 was required to pass and I got a 163. Not bad to have a 29 point cushion. I really believe that your workshop made the difference. You were able to offer strategies that worked, and you were able to scare the shit out of me and get my attention enough that I put in the hours of study. I am now licensed in two states, which seems redundant, but that's how the system works.
Thanks for your help. I'm a convert to your system and your approach. And thanks for telling me about the little music venue Whip In there in Austin.
Here's to a productive 2014
Ken B., LMFT

Oklahoma 01/15/2014

I found out today that I passed!!! Thank you FSO!!!
Daniel E., LMFT

Oklahoma 12/30/2013

Hi Rob, just wanted to let you know that I passed! Hope your holidays are fantastic!
Thank you,
Athena M., LMFT

Utah 12/29/2013

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful course I took with you back in October. I just received the results from the exam I took on Nov. 2nd and I PASSED!!!! After being away from grad school for more than 10 years I was skeptical about my abilities to do well but it was your comprehensive review that made it possible.
Thank you again,
Shiri H., LMFT

Florida 12/28/2013

Rob, Happy Holidays.... I received notice I passed! 3 times was a charm, OK listening to you over and over helped. Thank you for walking with me during this stretch of the journey.
Zettie P., LMFT

California 12/26/2013

Rob, I still am of the mind that the exam was ridiculous. It was not what I would consider a difficult test. A difficult test uses the material you expect to be on it, but may present it in a way you didn't imagine. Yet, you know there's a sound connection with what was on the test and what you were assigned to study. Note that there were only 3 - 4 compare and contrast questions on my test. That in itself was a shocker. What was even more shocking then that was how no effort was put into discovering what the test taker actually knew. All of the focus was on how they could trick you into choosing the wrong question.
All that being said, I'm incredibly thankful that I passed and am grateful to you for teaching me whatever it took for me to pass the darn thing. I honestly am not exactly sure what that was, but it obviously worked. I did pass.
Yet, I am disappointed and a bit resentful about the extent to which the test is a joke Taking that test was a horrible experience and I'm so incredibly glad it's over. Studying for the test, on the other hand, was a great experience. I learned a lot and remain grateful for your study material and guidance along the way. I'll be a better clinician, as a result. I truly do not think there's a program out there that's better then yours as far as organization and presentation. However, I am perplexed as to how a program could really prepare someone for the way the examiners attempt to trick you. As I told you, I've never felt so defeated after taking a test when I began by walking into the testing room feeling confident, prepared and with no doubt that I would pass. Again, so so glad I passed. I just feel for the people who studied hard and failed an unfair, absurdly stupid test.
Tell us how you really feel, Deb... ha! Ok.. I needed that rant! Wishing you a great holiday, Rob. You're a fabulous teacher and an inspiration to me in many ways. Thanks for your patience and willingness to help whenever I got stuck and I did often! Take good care, Deborah K., LMFT

California 12/25/2013

With a little help from Rob Guise I did it with this now-73-year-old brain. I scored 76.5% Hurray Family Solutions!!!!! Thank you for great test prep materials and experiences.

Nevada 12/24/2013

Dear Rob and Faculty:
I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the good news that I just learned that I passed the MFT Licensing exam!
I didn't really start using the book until a week or so before I took the exam, but, fyi, the information in it was what I saw a lot of on the exam, esp. concerning the latest research material. I'll keep the book as I begin my internship to refer to often, I'm sure.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Sylvia W., M.A. , LMFT

Texas 12/23/2013


Rob, Thanks so much for all your help and the wonderful materials. I passed the Massachusetts MFT exam on the first try! I'm a terrible test taker and your material really prepared me for the exam. I'm so thankful I don't have to take it twice.

Thanks for all your help!

Peter A., LMFT

Massachusetts 12/21/2013

I got my letter today... I passed !!!!!! Could not have done it without the eStudy materials of FSO...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
Maria V., LMFT

New York 12/21/2013

Hi Mr. Guise,
I'm so excited to tell you that I just got word from the NC board that I passed the LMFT exam! I know without a doubt I couldn't have done it without your program. I am the one that went through my coursework and supervision 9 years ago!!! I felt like I was going through a Master Class when I watched the videos, went through the online modules, and studied the information in the study guide. I took your advice every step of the way with reading the recommended books, watching the Masters on youtube, and making a study sheet for me based on the timeline as well as the books they wrote. I don't know how high my score was yet, but I am so excited that I passed. Considering all the time that's passed from when I first studied all of this information until now, I'm in disbelief that I passed. I know I couldn't have done it without your program and all the great guidance, thanks so much!!! Angela C.
Angela Q. C., LCSW, LMFT

North Carolina 12/17/2013

Hello Michael and FSI,

As you had mentioned an interest in following-up the outcomes of the AMFTRB exam (Oct-Nov), the passing score was posted as 67%. My score was 91%.

I can truly say that the study materials and particularly the workshop were helpful in orienting me to the nature of this unusual examination. This aided me in preparation for the examination.

The last time I took an MFT exam was in 1986, when Florida was using its own State exam. It was indeed an awkward space to be in 2013, taking an MFT exam next to those recently graduated from MFT programs. But, perhaps in the interim there have only been small changes to the cadre of approaches to marriage and family therapy.

So, thank you for your work and efforts. In my view you had a material effect upon my results.

Best wishes in the warmer climes!

Ronnie Z., LMFT

Massachusetts 11/20/2013

Hello Michael and FSI,

As you had mentioned an interest in following-up the outcomes of the AMFTRB exam (Oct-Nov), the passing score was posted as 67%. My score was 91%.

I can truly say that the study materials and particularly the workshop were helpful in orienting me to the nature of this unusual examination. This aided me in preparation for the examination.

The last time I took an MFT exam was in 1986, when Florida was using its own State exam. It was indeed an awkward space to be in 2013, taking an MFT exam next to those recently graduated from MFT programs. But, perhaps in the interim there have only been small changes to the cadre of approaches to marriage and family therapy.

So, thank you for your work and efforts. In my view you had a material effect upon my results.

Best wishes in the warmer climes!

Ronnie Z., LMFT

Massachusetts 11/20/2013

Greetings Rob
I was in your training in Austin. First, I would like a copy of your power point. Second, I just want you to know how very pleased I was/am with the training. Your expertise is matched only by your honesty. As someone who has done family therapy for years (and has been successful in a number of different venues) I think you should be teaching at a major university. I think having you as a supervisor would be exceptionally good, not to mention having you as a professor.
The training was clearly money well spent. Thanks.

Oklahoma 10/21/2013

Hi Rob,
I wanted to post this on the website but got locked out of it right after the exam on September 7th. North Carolina just sent word that I passed the MFT exam with a score of 179, which is the highest score in NC, and close to the highest national score of 185. No doubt this is due to spending time with the review materials you provided. I found the big green book, DVDs, and HIPAA section invaluable in preparing for this exam. The outcome research section was helpful as well, and the test questions prepared me for how to take the exam and how to take the time to think through specific questions.
Most of the exam topics were pretty much what I had come to expect thanks to your practice exams, with the exception of several same-sex couple questions which had been covered in depth in my masters program in California. 🙂
Thank you again very, very greatly for all your assistance and for making products that are easy to understand and implement. There is no doubt in my mind that without the FSI materials I would not have gotten such a high score.
Many thanks, Debbie G., LMFT

North Carolina 10/17/2013

Good Evening Mr. Guise:

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do in helping people prepare for the Marriage and Family Therapy licensing exam. I purchased several of your programs materials, including the dvd's, cd's, model worksheets, and study guide. As a result of these study resources I managed to pass the licensing exam the first time! This is an accomplishment for me because I have a learning disability when it comes to memorizing material. However, your program allowed me the ability to go over and over the material thus, retain it. The virtual workshop DVD's were the biggest help for me because you put the material in context which allowed me to understand it better.

Thank you again.


Aron L., LMFT

Florida 10/11/2013

Rob I wanted to let you know that I found out I PASSED, 82.5%!! According to my letter, 67% was passing. Thanks for creating these study materials, they made all the difference. - Kerry D., LMFT

Nevada 10/11/2013

I just found out that I passed the exam in Florida. I would have been lost without the materials from Family Solutions. Thanks and best of luck to everyone.
Steve D., LMFT

Florida 10/08/2013

YAYYYYY!!!! I passed also!!!!!! In Florida, passing is 75%. I couldn't have done it without the FSO materials! And believe me, I used them ALL! Thanks SO much, Rob!!!
Janis R., LMFT

Florida 10/07/2013

Scores were emailed out today in Ohio!
66% was a passing score and I scored an 83%
Good luck to all this next testing period! I used FSI's e-study program for 7 weeks and passed the national MFT exam with an 83%! It was great to have all of the information being tested in one place, as the AMFTRB does not provide you with any study guides or resources. Additionally it was helpful to have instructors available on message boards (and by phone) to answer questions. Finally, I enjoyed being able to find support through study groups and user forums because preparing for this exam can definitely get overwhelming! This program is comprehensive, provides thoughtful practice quizzes and exams, and connects you with people to study and/or commiserate with. I recommend purchasing the e-study program, along with the HIPAA research outcome add-ons. Good luck!
Laurel B., LMFT

Ohio 10/07/2013

I passed the exam this was my third time taking the test. For me English is my second language and the materials that I got from your site were helpful!
Paula M., LMFT

Wisconsin 10/06/2013

I wanted to thank you for the great study materials you have put together and let you know that I passed with a very respectable score. I appreciate your kindness in giving me access to a Word Doc as it helped me to use the book with Voice Over. I will continue to recommend your eStudy program to my colleagues.
Best regards,
Laura M., LMFT

Nevada 10/06/2013

Found out today I passed my exam - 82.5%! Could never have done it without your excellent materials - expensive but effective. Thanks! Kerry D.LMFT, Sparks NV

Nevada 10/06/2013

recommend this program to anyone preparing to take the national exam.

Thank You FSI!

Sasha G., LMFT

Florida 08/26/2013

Hi Rob,
I passed my exam on the first try! Thank you for putting together the excellent study materials! I could not have done it without the FSI prep.
Wendy N.,LMFT

Washington 07/26/2013

Hi Rob,
Thank you so much! Just found out I passed my exam also!! Passed by 13 points!!

I just wanted to thank Family Solutions Institute for helping me prepare for my MFT licensure exam! I found the text book, workshop DVDs, audio CDs, theory worksheets and practice exams extremely useful. I couldn't have passed without Family Solutions, thank you again!

Marissa G., LMFT

New York 07/22/2013

Dear FSI,
I spent almost 6 months studying and left the exam feeling so unsure! But, I passed with an 86 in New York! Thanks to Rob for always being so responsive and helpful!! The study guide worked! You can pass it!
Linda N.,LMFT

New York 07/20/2013

Hi, Rob,
Well, put another tick mark in your successfully prepared to take the test
column. I received word today that I passed the National Exam.
Thanks for all you do to help us prepare.
Oh, and my goodness, there were some terrible questions, but I did not get
flustered because you forewarned us.
Hope you are having a great summer.
Godspeed, LTC Jason D., LMFT

Texas 07/17/2013

Just found out that I passed too! Congrats to those who did and those of you who are studying hang in there!!
Got a raw score from my testing site in PA, not just a pass/fail notice. Thank you FSI. Your study materials are awesome!!
Manisha S, LMFT

Pennsylvania 07/16/2013

Hi Rob,
I passed the exam! I called the board today and was told that I scored 30 points above the score I needed to pass. Thanks so much for your help! I couldn't have done it without FSI!
Thank you,
Diana O., LMFT

Texas 07/15/2013

Dear Rob,
I just learned that I passed with an 81 - I could not have done it without your DVDs - thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saul S. LMFT

New York 07/15/2013

I Passed the test!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much, : )

Olivia T., LMFT

Washington 07/11/2013

I passed the test ..thanks to you Rob!!
Linda M.,LMFT

Nevada 04/04/2013

Hi all,
I passed and in Hawaii they do give your score. The pass threshold was 133, after seven weeks of waiting for the results, my score was 155. Thank you Family Solutions
Scott B., LMFT

Hawaii 04/03/2013

I graduated 20 years ago but due to marriage and kids I am now finally pursuing my license. I took the 2 day workshops twice. The first time was to help me get started and figure out how and what to study. The second time was just a couple of weeks before my exam. I felt extremely prepared and confident after. I had the cd's in my car, read the green book cover to cover, and as I finished each chapter I would take the chapter quiz online. The combination of the workshops, study guide, online resources (HIPPA and Outcome Study info were extremely helpful), the quizzes and tests online, and the cd's helped me pass the first time! Thanks so much Rob! Looking forward to finally putting that LMFT after my name!

-Staci Lee S, M.S., C.S., LMFT

Florida 03/30/2013

Hi Rob,
Even though I had graduated from a very good graduate program with a lot of confidence expressed by everyone that I would have no problem studying and passing the licensing exam, I felt that I needed support and a strategy for studying. Most importantly, I felt I needed to be quizzed and have the opportunity to take practice exams where the answers would be revealed so that it could be part of my learning process. FSI provided such a forum. Plus, I felt that I needed six weeks to study for the exam, by my calculation, but I had only four weeks. Again, with the study materials from FSI, I felt that I could pace my studying so that I could keep on track with my preparation. I am happy with my score, passing at the clinical level, and can move on with my career. Thank you, FSI!
Jayashree G., LMFT

Kansas 03/28/2013

Thank you for what you are doing in the study prep industry for our field. I used the at home workshop dvds and the GreenBook after failing the test 3 times before. I recently opened private practice and after God, prayers from Family and Friends, and then Family Solutions. You allowed me to study in a different way and attack the test in a different manner. I realized this test was not about intelligence or aptitude but rather knowing how to take the test. I have always been a high achiever as a kid I was in the Gifted and Talented program and the International Bacculaureate program. The past failures racked my confidence, however I got my groove back when I saw PASS.
Thanks so much
Kahilah T. J., PhD, LMFT

Florida 03/27/2013

Hi Rob,
I passed the AMFTRB. Thank you so much for your excellent study materials. I couldn't have done it without your team! Thank you again!!!!

Julie M., MS, LMFT

Colorado 03/26/2013

Hi Rob,
It's Hope N.. I wanted to let you know that I got my results from PES and I passed the Pa State Licensing Exam!! Thank you so much for jumping in at the 11th hour with guideance and support, I have no doubt that video workshop and online acess to prep questions provided just what was needed to pass the exam. Thank you FSI~ Hope N., LMFT

Pennsylvania 03/19/2013

Hi Rob
Yesterday I received the congratulations letter and it felt great. Your program is the quintessential study format for preparing for the national exam. If I had to do it all over again I would have gone to your weekend seminar first. My big take away from all of my preparations was your advice to take off my clinician hat and put on my test taking hat. All of the knowledge in the world is often not enough when it comes to the test taking skill sets required to pass this exam. Your seminar and guidance helped me to put together a test taking strategy which worked like clock work. Thankfully I can put that test taking hat in the closet and pursue my dreams in our field. One day soon I hope to be working with a veterans and their families to help them heal and cope with life after combat.
Bless you and all that you do in helping interns become LMFT's.
David Wilson, LMFT

Texas 03/12/2013

Dear Rob,
I am writing to say thank you for the excellent instruction provided on your website. I have learned so much about the application of the theories and now feel confident that I will pass the MFT exam.
I take the test on February 7th. I will let you know if I passed when I get the results.
Thanks again!
Sheila H., MFT Intern

Nevada 02/19/2013

I highly recommend FSI's materials for passing the exam! For me, the Study Guide, workshop dvds, and the estudy program were incredibly helpful and invaluable. I was able to pass the exam the first time--scored 10 points above my state's passing score, even after being out of graduate school for 10 years. This program helped me organize my materials and time, and I am positive that without it I would not have been able to pass. Thank you Rob and FSI! Sarah P., LMFT

Florida 01/14/2013

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the estudy program was a huge part of me being able to pass this exam. The virtual workshop DVDS were also a great help while studying for this test because it was like having you in the room with you telling me how to prepare for the test. I can't say thank you enough for all your help and your ongoing effort to help others pass the LMFT exam!
Thank you again,
Tammi Y., MA LMFT

Oklahoma 01/08/2013

Congratulations to you all
I Passed!!!!!!
Thank-You Jesus and FSI...Thanks to Rob Guise for encouraging me to move forward and take the exam and order study material, it was tight but I am soooo glad I took your advice. FSI study material is excellent..it made the difference.
Patrick M., LMFT

Pennsylvania 01/05/2013

Got my results, (6 weeks later!) Passed by 25 points!!
Thanks to Rob and FSO. The green book was very helpful. The FSO quizzes are great especially since they break things down, but the AMFTRB tests are more vague. Good luck! If you put in the time you CAN pass this exam!
Kimberly S., LMFT

Connecticut 01/03/2013

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MFT licensing exam! Thank you for all of the helpful prep materials--definitely helped get me through it!
Happy new year!
Allison Fox, LMFT

Pennsylvania 12/31/2012

I took the exam November 15 and I passed my exam! Thanks you, Rob, for such great study material.
Colby P., LMFT

Texas 12/30/2012

Hi Rob,
I wanted to share my joy with you- I passed the LMFT Exam with flying colors! Your course provided the wind beneath my wings- Thanks for the wonderful, well organized study materials and your your excellent presentation- All the best-
Jacki O., LCSW, LMFT

New Jersey 12/26/2012

Thank you, Rob, for putting together such a helpful study practicum for the MFT exam. I am very happy to say, I PASSED!

Thank you,
Nancy A., LMFT

Oregon 12/26/2012

I passed my Exam! Thank you, Rob, for such great study guides.
Sheri M., LMFT

Texas 12/22/2012

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. I took it on Nov 9 and received my score yesterday. Thanks for all your help. Apparently the programs helped a great deal. I was really discouraged when I took the exam in Nov because it seemed unlikely that I had passed. So I am truly relieved. Thanks again, and I will recommend this program to others.

Gail W., LPC, LMFT

Georgia 12/18/2012

Rob, just a quick note to let you know that Jessie and I both passed the MFT Exam we took in August. We studied your materials and were both in the 1 day presentation you made in May at the Fort Hood Army Family Life building. I bought your DVDs at the end of the session and I think that helped too. I was shocked that the minimum passing score this round was 133/200. Jess and I did significantly better than that score, but only 20 of the 31 North Carolina test takers passed this round. There were 533 nation-wide test takers and I do not know what the overall pass rate was. I do not think any of the other chaplains chose to take the test during that same round. Thanks for your great support...
Blessings, Ch Mac.

Andrew G. M., Ch, Maj, USAF, LMFT

South Carolina 10/27/2012

Hi Rob:
I am using your workshop, CDs, and Study Guide to learn material to pass the LMFT exam in Oregon. I wanted you to know that I enjoy your teaching methods, i.e. CDs an workshop. When you tell stories about the people who've developed the various models of therapy, it helps me link them in my brain. It gives a human touch to a dry subject. You are an excellent instructor, and I really appreciate your teaching methods.

Whether or not I pass, learning has been enjoyable. Thank you.
Nancy A., MFT Intern

Oregon 10/19/2012

Dear Rob,

I want to thank you again, more formally, for your extraordinary training sessions and comprehensive materials. And, their incredible results!

It was with admitted reluctance, if not resentment, that I joined your preparatory program. At 70, I was not at all happy that, among other things, Florida required me to pass the national exam in order to transfer my long-standing license from another State. My apprehension and attendant angst were dramatically relieved when I saw the excellence of your training materials. I was equally impressed with your presentation during those two days of intense focus on the exam itself.

Taking your advice about studying; and feeling confident through your assurances, I passed the exam on the first attempt!

Please accept my gratitude as one of the many happy beneficiaries of the time, talent and wisdom that you have invested to ensure competence among your hopeful students. Your organization and laser focus are truly gifts to those who follow their template for success!

I trust that you are deservedly gratified by the joy and the opportunity that you make possible in our profession!

With warmest regards,

Laura Levin M., Ed.D., LMFT

Florida 10/16/2012

Yea!!! I passed the exam. I wanted to thank you again for all of your support.
I believe sincerely in the services that you provide and am so very very grateful for you and Family Solutions. I have passed your information on to others and will continue to do so.
Thank you again for every big and little thing that you did throughout this process.

Dr. Sharon D. F. Ed.D. MBA, LMFT

Florida 10/11/2012

Dear Rob,
I attended your two day workshop in May and I am proud to announce I passed the MFT Board Exam. Thank you and the Family Solutions Institute for your assistance!
Thank you,
Cynthia M., LMFT

Texas 10/10/2012

Hi Rob,
I passed! It still seems so surreal - I've been worried and studying for months. Thank you so much for coming to Las Vegas to do your seminar.
I used all of your Family Solutions Institute materials to prepare for the exam, and I really don't think I would have passed the first time without them.
Thank you so much for Family Solutions Institute and for helping all of us interns pass the MFT exam!
Monique C., LMFT

Nevada 07/11/2012

I took the MFT exam on May 23 and found out on July 6 that I PASSED. I used the ‘big green book’, CDs, charts, flash cards, practice tests, glossary and HIPAA information. In addition, I did my own outline. I studied from January through May. With all of that, I passed by only two points! In SC you needed a score higher than 133, I got a 135.
Thank you for providing the tools and assistance!!
Terry K., LMFT

South Carolina 07/08/2012

I was very apprehensive to open the letter sent by the State. I cannot thank you & Family Solutions Institute enough for the joy I felt today after learning I passed my MFT National Exam!
I have been licensed and practicing in California for the past 10 years but recently moved back to Reno to raise my family. Nevada Law & current regulations required that I take the National MFT Exam and was only given one chance to pass by the Nevada Governing Board. Not only was I upset that I had to retake the exam I was further stressed by the fact I only got one shot (which is something I am going to push to get changed.)
I would have never been properly prepared to pass if I had not read your guide and used your online resources. Your institute presented the material in a clear understandable way that helped my confidence and ability to be competent on all subject matter.
I strongly recommend your materials to anyone looking to pass the National Exam and am grateful that I found you in time having passed the exam under such strenuous circumstances.
Jay Jay L., LMFT

Nevada 03/26/2012

Dear Rob-
I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I passed the National MFT exam- I could not have done it without you and the INTENSIVE eSTudy Y Program(as far as I am concerned, worth its weight in gold =)! After receiving the materials it became apparent to me that these were the study materials I needed to ensure my success.
As you know, I had a great deal of trepidation about taking this exam, several years passed before I decided to sit for it. As I mentioned to you in the past my initial plan for taking and passing the National MFT Exam was twofold: first I would study with a purchased review book (a random one from Amazon) and second, I planned on taking the practice exams given by the Association of Marital and Family therapy regulatory boards. Much to my surprise I learned that when I purchased and took the exams from the regulatory boards they were ONLY scored and no answer key were provided. I felt that was a complete waste of my time and money because I could not learn from my mistakes, nor could I begin to understand how to eliminate the wrong choices and eventually choose the correct answer. I then began as to explore what study materials were open to me- I came across Rob Guise’s website and was intrigued. It had all the component parts that I felt were integral to me passing the exam. As you know, I bought the package that included the text book (which I loved), study outlines, CD’s, and one practice exam (WITH AN ANSWER KEY!). I used those materials for approximately two months and decided that I needed to put in more time and effort I decided to reach out to Rob and much to my surprise- YOU RETURNED MY CALL! I spoke with you about my dilemma, and you made a recommendation as to the additional materials I needed and modified my study plan (DVD's and more practice exams- again, worth their weight in gold to me =). That made all the difference in the world.
I cannot thank you enough! - Sincerely, Mellisa J., LMFT

New York 03/21/2012

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MFT Board Exam… on my first attempt!!
I walked out of the exam feeling pretty discouraged. I was doing very well on the practice exams that were part of the eStudy program, but the actual exam questions were less focused on general theory, and more focused on specific details (v-codes, DSM diagnoses, etc.). Either way – I most definitely would not have passed if I hadn’t used the FSI study materials – so thank you!!

Victoria E., MSEd. LMFT

Florida 03/07/2012

Dear Rob,

Hello! I have what I judge to be some exceptional news to share with you. This past June 2, I passed the Florida State Marriage and Family Therapy License exam; I am also happy to report I did so on my first attempt and must say I could not have without your assistance over the years. To perhaps brighten the scene further, I have currently succeeded in the 3rd (out of 4) obstacles toward finishing my Ph.D.
studies at Oxford and will possibly be returning to the U.S. soon to finish the remaining 18 weeks of internship supervision; this includes 95 direct client contact hours. I will receive my permanent MFT license, granted by the Department of Health, once these obligations have been met. I remain permanently grateful to you for your assistance and support as I strived to achieve these goals. I’ll keep you informed of my progress as you wish.

Thanks again,
David G., LMFT

Florida 12/16/2011

Just sending this email to inform you I passed the exam I took in September... I want to thank you for the material that helped me prepare most effectively for this very difficult exam....Many Aloha's.
Tanya A.,LMFT

Tennessee 11/18/2011

Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. Thank you so
much for your help!!! Thank you for all of your help in preparing me for the exam.
Unfortunately I had taken it before and missed by a few points. You were very encouraging and recommended the right study materials. I just recently passed my exam. Woohoo! Thank you for the great advice and guidance.
Lindsey M., LMFT

North Carolina 11/11/2011

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to let you know that I took your workshop in August at Nova and passed the Florida exam. Your suggestion to watch videos of Family Therapy pioneers conducting sessions on Youtube really helped me develop a visual of the models which made it much easier to understand and differentiate between them.
Thanks so much!
Siva J., Ph.D., LMFT

Florida 11/10/2011

HI Rob,
I took the exam on September 26th. On Oct 31st the state of Washington issued my LMFT license and yesterday I got the license in the mail. This is the only information I have about my exam results, so I don't know if I am ever going to know what my score was or not.
I am quite sure that using your materials was key to my passing the exam. I had been out of graduate school since 1998 and practicing in community mental health settings as a licensed mental health counselor. I hadn't reviewed the academic materials in quite a long while. As an Antioch Seattle grad I sat in on a class using your materials and then expanded by purchasing the lectures and practice materials for individual studying. If I had it to do over again I would have taken even more practice tests as they really helped me focus on the areas I needed to review. I think I viewed the lectures twice. I did the HIPPA tutorial as well and I think that was critical as I would have been completely unprepared otherwise.
Thanks again for your help and encouragement.
Best Wishes,
Michelle B., LMFT

Washington 11/10/2011

Hi Mr. Guise,
I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I have passed the State of Ohio MFT license exam. I am officially a LMFT in the State of Ohio!!!!! I want to thank you and Family Solutions for all of your help and outstanding study material. The DVD's were excellent with comparing and contrasting the theories. Thank you again for all of your help!
Ms. Domonique R.MS, LMFT

Ohio 09/15/2011

Hi Rob,
Looks like I no longer have access to the FSO forum, but wanted to write and thank you for all your help!!! I am licensed in California, but due to my move to Alabama, I needed to take the national exam. I did as you suggested and forgot about my California prep materials and just used the FSO materials. I spent 4 months studying for the exam and I truly thought I failed it b/c the questions on the actual test were so vague. You gave me great advice and I appreciated your prompt responses to my questions. Obviously, your materials do indeed adequately prepare one for this exam. I was told I needed a raw score of 132 and mine was 159.
Again, thank you, and keep up the excellent service you are providing!
Karen G., LMFT

Alabama 09/14/2011

Hi Mike and FSI,

Just a note to let you know that I passed the MFT exam! The passing score in Connecticut was 128, and my score was 161.

Thanks very much for your help in the Workshop I attended. Although I have not yet received my license, I'm very happy that in a few weeks I can once again practice therapy!

Best regards,
Mary Ellen H., LMFT

Connecticut 07/14/2011

Good evening Rob,
I wanted to follow up and let you know I successfully passed the licensing exam the first time. I would like to thank you for the study materials. I was very pleased with the study materials I received with the at home study package. I found the materials easy to read and comprehend even with limited familiarity of some topics prior to reviewing the material. I am not sure if you remember but I purchased the HIPPA practice test at the last minute and I also found it to be helpful. In hindsight it might have been better to purchase the HIPPA practice test sooner but either way it was helpful. The exam was quite challenging but one thing that was extremely helpful was having a working knowledge of all of the theories. By knowing the theories well I was able to eliminate answer selections that did not apply. Thank you again for providing study materials that provide adequate preparation for the exam. I will definitely recommend your materials to others.
Have a wonderful evening,
Ashley S., LMFT

Texas 07/07/2011

I passed the exam!!! Don't know how I would have doen it without your program!!! Thanks for all the help!!
Melissa N., LMFT

Florida 07/06/2011

Dear Sir,
I selected your study program after some dissatisfaction with the program I was using and following a recommendation from a peer. When I purchased your material, I had ONE WEEK to prepare for the National MFT Exam. I took the week off and dove in. I am happy to report that today I learned, in large part due to your program, that I passed the National MFT Exam on my first attempt! I wholeheartedly endorse your study program, it was money well spent!
Steven K.LMFT

Texas 07/05/2011

Hi, I received my results yesterday from New York and I passed!!!!!! Am so happy. Videos and the manual helped quite a bit.
Hope the rest of you who took the exam in the previous time frame also receive good news.
Everyone else who is taking the exam soon, Good Luck!!!!
Sowjanya K.,LMFT

New York 07/05/2011

Greetings! Received my results letter today from Arizona and luckily it started out with Congratulations! Didn't expect results this quick but its a great start to the summer!
This was my first attempt (I'm licensed in CA) and used only FSO, took the practice exams, but put many hours into the materials (green manual, e-study course/practice exams, audio info.)
Cindy W., LMFT

Arizona 07/03/2011

I passed!!!!!!!!
Whoooop Whooop!
This was my first time taking the exam and I only used the FSO material. I did the online intensive course with DVDs, CDs, books, practice exams, and a live workshop with Rob at Nova-Southeasrn just before the exam. Please see my study tips on my previous post.
The passing score in Florida was 75.
Good luck people!
Edvardo A., LMFT

Florida 07/02/2011

Prior to taking my MFT national licensure exam, I attended Rob Guise’s weekend workshop/seminar at NSU in Florida. It was extremely helpful in helping me pass the exam on my first attempt!
Rob structured the workshop in such a way that it allowed for me to focus on the right materials to study and review from the get-go. Throughout the workshop, I valued the frankness of Rob’s approach to the test, and felt that he welcomed the feedback that the participants provided. Although the seminar was geared toward “the test”, it was also a collaborative learning experience, and Rob willingly incorporated comments/questions from the audience.
Most importantly, the work-shop gave me the tools to stay focused and remain on track with my study-plan. It worked.

Anne-Marie R. M.S., LMFT

Florida 04/01/2011

I wanted to let you know that I had success with your program and passed my licensure exam. Your e-Study program and networking on the Family Solutions forum helped me to pass it on the second attempt. Thank you for all your encouragement and help. I will be forever grateful. Now the fun begins!
- Diane H., LMFT

Indiana 03/23/2011

Thanks to Rob. I couldn't have done it without this great program. I was quite sure I didn't pass, so when the results came I was greatly relieved! I took the exam on January 10th, and just got the results today, March 23! Thanks Rob.
Joanna K., LMFT

Connecticut 03/23/2011

Thank you for your awesome study materials. I only used your material and PASSED the MFT exam at about a 76% the first time. I purchased and bought other companies materials and found them to be extremely inferior to yours and did not even use them. I am just thrilled!!
Maile G., LMFT

Texas 03/18/2011

Hi, Rob!

Just writing to let you know that I passed the NY exam! I was so sure that I'd be taking it again in May but all my studying paid off! Family Solutions is a life saver! I never would have passed the exam without you guys! 🙂

Jessica K., LMFT

New York 03/17/2011

Hi Rob,
Just found out I passed the exam. Thanks for the study materials and workshop.
Desiree S., LFMT

Connecticut 03/15/2011

Hi Rob,
I PASSED!! Thanks for everything...I'm in State of Maryland and received letter from the Board on March 10th that I PASSED. It's inadequate to describe in words how relieved I am and am still in the processing of embracing the relief and the thankfulness of it all. The many months of intense preparation, including finding the strength and determination to retake the exam, have all served a purpose for me....I am filled with gratitude and the immense joy to do the work that I so deeply love. Above all, I treasure all that I've learned.

In deep appreciation for the FSO study materials that helped to prepare me.

Kathy Y., LMFT

Maryland 03/13/2011

Dear Rob,

I prepared for the AMFTRB exam by purchase of the Virtual Workshop DVD's, study guide, audio CD's and practice exams and passed with ease and without anxiety! Thank-you for your encouragement and easy to remember survival tips presented in all of your study materials. I really enjoyed the DVD's which uniquely expanded the pertinent information as well as CD's exceptional highlight. I followed your instructions precisely and saved the practice exams for the last few weeks prior to AMFTRB exam administration. By doing so I was provided concise insight and awareness of weaker areas requiring further study. I found your practice exams an accurate test of knowledge as verified on the break-down of my practice and AMFTRB exam scores. Also, bravo on the study guide which truly and specifically narrows the vastly overwhelming information to a palatable, retainable, essential base of information and study resource. I highly recommend FSO study preparation materials and excitedly anticipate and await Family Solutions' New eStudy Continuing Education Program.

Thanks so much! I attribute recent passing of the AMFTRB exam through benefit of FSO's excellent exam preparation.

Robin C., LMFT

Missouri 03/08/2011

Twenty two years after completing graduate school, I found myself preparing to take the LMFT exam. I had a few months to prepare and tried a few test prepping services, but none compared to Family Solutions Institute. Rob Guise’s methods of teaching are excellent and his process to remembering the vast amounts of material was extremely helpful. Not only was I was well prepared for the exam, but Rob’s direction and availability during a stressful time was very much appreciated.
Kalli K., LMFT

Illinois 03/08/2011

Just now checked the computer and I PASSED!! I had no idea, it could have gone either way. I was told 6-8 weeks so I thought I would have to wait at least another 2 weeks. Good wishes and luck to you all still waiting. Thank you Family Solutions, your material and tests helped and were the only materials I used.
Liz. L., LMFT

Washington 03/05/2011

Yes. I'm in Seattle, Wa. Just now checked the computer and I PASSED!! I had no idea, it could have gone either way. I was told 6-8 weeks so I thought I would have to wait at least another 2 weeks. Good wishes and luck to you all still waiting. Thank you Family Solutions, your material and tests helped and were the only materials I used.
Liz L., LMFT

Washington 03/05/2011

I want to thank Family Solutions Institute for creating an amazing website to help in preparation for the Marriage and Family Therapy licensing exam. Taking the Marriage and Family therapy licensing exam for five times was nerve wrecking and at times caused me to doubt my ability to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. However, I am glad to say that the study materials that Family Solutions Institute provided on their website such as the practice exams, home study guide, HIPAA practice exams, and the message boards with the study groups have been very beneficial in helping me to become less intimidated, and more confident in taking the exam. In addition, I want to specially thank Rob Guise for his words of encouragement. When I wanted to give up taking the exam during the third time, Rob said “you’re getting closer, you’re just a few points away.” Well Rob, you’re right I did get closer and finally passed the exam in the month of October 2010.
Thank you Family Solutions again and of course I can’t forget to mention many nights of prayers and my faith in God for that also help me to stay calm and make it through.

Lynette H.,LMFT

New York 01/11/2011

Aloha Rob,
I just want to share that I passed my MFT Exam (Hawaii). I am grateful for the practice material provided Family Solutionse. The test was definitely hard, but studying was fun. I took advantage of everything, from listening to the CDs during long drives to setting meetings on the chatroom and messaging. I connected with people who were very supportive. It was a wonderful journey...now...a new one awaits!
Makela M. B-K, LMFT

Hawaii 11/28/2010

Rob, Thank you for the update...it is with great delight to tell you I took the exam and received 80%...thanks for the great study materials as that is almost all I used!!
Karen Anderson, MS, LMFT

Nevada 11/19/2010

I didn’t think I’d have to prepare for another MFT licensing exam after I was licensed in California several years ago ..... that is until I moved away from the Golden State last year. A kind therapist, also moved from CA several years prior, recommended the study materials from FSI. Rob responded promptly to my contact and gave me encouraging practical advice as how to prepare for the National Exam. The Study Guide offers a comprehensive review; the CD & worksheets enhance the auditory and visual learning process; and the eStudy provides the much needed interaction and support from the MFT-test-taking community across the country. I put in hundreds of “hard-hours” as Rob recommended. I don’t think I would pass the first time had I only used the text books I have. Thank you Rob and FSI!!
Sissi T., LMFT

Hawaii 11/18/2010

Hello Rob,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam with 80%!! I was sure I'd failed (it was very hard), but I guess all the prep paid off...thank you!
Sage G., LMFT

Rhode Island 11/12/2010

Dear Rob,
I passed the exam. I received my results in the mail today. In Connecticut the passing score was 133. I got a 151 woot!!!! My sincerest gratitude for helping me pass the exam the first time. When I started trying to review all my old school notes, books, etc, I felt lost and overwhelmed. You helped me to organize all of the mass amounts of information. Rob I owe you a hug lol.
Good luck to everyone else who has yet to take the exam!!!
Fact: Rob Guise knows MFT
Fact: If you buy Rob Guises dvd's, audio tapes, flash cards, etc. you can pass the first time!!!
Fact: Thomas M., MS, MFT is now Thomas M., LMFT

Connecticut 11/11/2010

Rob - I just learned I passed the National MFT Exam with a 157 (minimum to pass was 133) on my first attempt. I attribute this largely to the FSI workshop and study materials--definitely worth my investment of time and money. I attended an FSI workshop in the spring and performed miserably on the practice exam we were given. So, I bought a bunch of the study materials (all were valuable, but in the order I found helpful: Audio CDs, Online Practice Exams, Big Green Book, Flash Cards), and started listening to the CDs immediately in the gym, the car, etc. About a month before the exam I started working my way through the green book in my spare time. I then took a week of vacation immediately before the exam and crammed. I had a few questions during the process, and Rob was very responsive by e-mail. Thank you Rob and FSI!
Kris C., LMFT

Louisiana 11/07/2010

Although I have no idea what my score was, I was recently informed that I passed (my first testing attempt) and was immediately issued my LMFT!!!!!!! YEA!!!! Because I waited so long after graduation, I was basically relearning EVERYTHING and the only materials I used were from FSI, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I honestly could not have passed without the home study program.......Thank you Rob for creating this program and for all your help in this endeavor. Congratulations to all of you who passed, and good luck to those of you who are about to take the exam!
Elizabeth W., LMFT

Georgia 11/06/2010

Hi Rob:
Just wanted to let you know that I passed! The hurl has come to an end. I wanted to thank you for ALL that you have done in helping me pass this exam. Thank you very much!!!
Stephanie C., LMFT

Pennsylvania 11/04/2010

I Passed!!!!!!
Thank-You Jesus and FSI...Thanks to Rob Guise for encouraging me to move forward and take the exam and order study material in mid august it was tight but I am soooo glad I took your advice. FSI study material is excellent..it made the difference.
Patrick M., LMFT

Pennsylvania 11/02/2010

Thank you FSO, I passed by 20 points!!!!!!!!
Erica H., LMFT

Pennsylvania 11/01/2010

I graduated with a masters in school counseling in 1997 and a Masters in Family Therapy in 2001. I had been a school counselor and never took the licensing exam. After 12 years,of being a school counselor I was reasigned back into the classroom as a math teacher. I felt like my identity had been taken away. At that point I decided to pursue licensure to pursue private practice or other MFT related field, but was very uncertain where to start. A friend, who used family solutions years before told me about their study materials. I ordered the flashcards, cd, study guide, glossary and outline. I studied for 6 weeks and felt like I needed more,so I also ordered the online 12 hours of diactic teaching. It really helped me wrap my mind around all the theories. I studied for 3 months, worked part time and have 2 children under 5 and have not been in school for almost 10 years. I know I could not have passed without Family Solutions Institute! Thank you so much!!

Wendy M., LMFT

Kansas 11/01/2010

Just want to tell you I passed the LMFT exam with 85 the first time. It wasn't my area - I'm an LMHC but your course was what did it.
Thanks so much.
Shelly F., LMFT

Florida 11/01/2010

Thank you FSO, I passed by 20 points!!!!!!!!
Erica H., LMFT

Pennsylvania 11/01/2010

Scores are in....I PASSED!!! WOOOO HOOOOO. Thank you Family Solutions!
Corletta B., LMFT

South Carolina 11/01/2010

I just got my score letter from MN and I passed with an 83% score!
Just wanted to say thank you as I felt that the study materials prepared me very well.
My only suggestions for improvement would be to include HIPAA questions in the test bank of questions instead of making it a seperate from the rest of the domains. Also, the other area I was not as prepared for was the culture specific questions. But all in all I felt that the study prep materials were great!
Maria K., LMFT

Minnesota 10/31/2010

I just got my score letter from MN and I passed with an 83% score!
Just wanted to say thank you as I felt that the study materials prepared me very well.
I felt that the study prep materials were great!
Maria K., LMFT

Minnesota 10/30/2010

I wanted to thank you for the fine job of putting together online resources that I used to study for—and PASS!—the MFT exam back in June. I am now a licensed marriage and family therapist in Kansas and am embarking on opening a private practice. I purchased the eStudy program and I loved the convenience of logging in online whenever and wherever I wanted to and study. Thanks again for the great work and for helping me get one step closer to realizing my professional goals.
Kind regards,
Erica W., LMFT

Kansas 10/05/2010

Thanks for all the help, I passed with a 148, passing score was 132. (In Oregon)
Norman H., LMFT

Oregon 08/11/2010

Hi Rob!

Great news...I had success in passing the LMFT licensure exam on the first round! Your course was extremely helpful in giving me insight as to what was needed in order to pass. Individualistically, we all know what is required for success but the E-study guide and practice tests instilled the edge of confidence that I personally lacked.

Organizing the different domains of theories created a solid ground for most the questions. Understanding differences within ethnicities was not only important for this exam but also for practice. Emphasizing the significance of HIPPA surrounding our new health care systems and the evolution of couple relationships seem to be topics that personally stood out for me. Oh yes, and time! Giving myself the gift of time so that I could know all that I could know.

The workshop normalized my fears, opened my eyes, and empowered me at the same time.

Thank you and good luck to the rest!

Susan J. C., Ph.D., LMFT

Florida 07/20/2010

Hi Rob!

Great news...I had success in passing the LMFT licensure exam on the first round! Your course was extremely helpful in giving me insight as to what was needed in order to pass. Individualistically, we all know what is required for success but the E-study guide and practice tests instilled the edge of confidence that I personally lacked.

Organizing the different domains of theories created a solid ground for most the questions. Understanding differences within ethnicities was not only important for this exam but also for practice. Emphasizing the significance of HIPPA surrounding our new health care systems and the evolution of couple relationships seem to be topics that personally stood out for me. Oh yes, and time! Giving myself the gift of time so that I could know all that I could know.

The workshop normalized my fears, opened my eyes, and empowered me at the same time.

Thank you and good luck to the rest!

Susan J. C., Ph.D., LMFT

Florida 07/19/2010

Thanks Rob for the material and the encouragment. I passed my NJ exam. FSO is a real help. Thanks again
Shagufta H., LMFT

New Jersey 07/18/2010

I just wanted you to know I passed!! Thank you for your wonderful program it really helped me differentiate the theories.

Marianne M., LMFT

Minnesota 07/14/2010

Hi Rob,
I wanted to let you know that I passed my LMFT exam and got the result throught the Massachusetts process today. My score was 77. The pass score was 66, so I did well and did not just scrape by.
I am very grateful to the Family Solutions preparation process and everything I did helped. I recommend the CDs for the car as that was really helpful and the little study cards as well. I also had the DVD set and used that with another student in a 4 part study process. I remember calling you at the last part of my preparation and asking about taking the 200 question exam. I did get it from you and took it and I know it helped.
On the day of the test I made a decision not to rush through the exam and I finished with just 45 seconds left. I did a thorough job and thought my answers through very carefully. I made maybe only two changes of answers.
All in all I am very relieved to have the exam behind me. I need only 399 more hours before applying to CT for my license. Thanks again to you and your team for enabling me to pass the exam.
Sincerely, Rev. Susan M. P., LMFT

Connecticut 07/13/2010

Hello Rob Guise,
I had been in contact with you a few months ago and used Family Solutions practice exam to study for the LMFT National Exam.
I firmly believe with the help of your prep material, kind words on the phone, and much prayer, I am happy to announce that I passed the national exam and passed it well.
Thank you for your work to help me and others to succeed in the endeavor to overcome a difficult exam.
Yours gratefully,
Joi S., LMFT

Minnesota 07/12/2010

Dear Rob!

How are you?

I just want you to let you know that I passed! Thank you very much for your caring support!

All the best I wish you!!!


Noelia L., LMFT

New Jersey 07/12/2010

NC released the scores this week and I'm happy to say that I passed with a 155 -- 132 was the cutoff. I am thankful for the materials on this site as I am 100% positive they helped me to get over the hurdle.
Larry G., LMFT

North Carolina 07/11/2010

NC released the scores this week and I'm happy to say that I passed with a 155 -- 132 was the cutoff. I am thankful for the materials on this site as I am 100% positive they helped me to get over the hurdle.
Larry G., LMFT

North Carolina 07/11/2010

Thanks Family Solutions for the gift of information. I passed the exam. Thank GOD that part of my life is over.
Xavier S., LMFT

California 07/11/2010

Hey Rob,

I just called the state board in Florida and found out that I passed the MFT
exam on the first try with a score of 82. I took the test on June 12th. The
exam was very hard with tricky questions. I really thought I had failed. I
studied from January 2010 up until June 11, 2010. I played the CDs, watched
the DVD and took the 100 & 200 practice exams over and over again. Thank you
for all of your help and resources. With gratitude, Elizabeth P. ,LMFT

Florida 07/11/2010

I passed! Thank you and your team for the extremely helpful materials. When I started I had a difficult time even wrapping my mind around what to consider first! Your materials narrowed down my notes and made me focus on the essential information – not ALL of the information, which can be overwhelming. The CDs were so helpful, I felt like the information was being poured into my head each time I drove to work. The Study Guide was the other tool that was fantastic. In addition, your willingness to email me directly and communicate with me was great! Thank you for that personal approach to my studies.
I have now passed the exam and I am ecstatic.
Thank you,
Marta Q., LMFT
Chicago Il.

Illinois 07/09/2010

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the February Exam.
I scored 159 out of 200. Passing was 131. I passed because of your program.
In fact Rob, all I did was your program!
Here is what I did....
1. Took the practice exam in the study guide.. Scored 54%
2. Made a list of topics to review.
3. Reviewed topics I thought I needed to work on in Study Guide.
4. Took online practice exam. Scored high 50s’ (you’d have to look at my scores online I can’t remember)
5. Listened to the CD’s repeatedly and watched the DVD’s
6. Took an online practice exam Scored 81% online exam
7. Read sections of your Study Guide related to my weak topics
8. Reviewed DVD’s again continued listening to CD’s
9. Took online practice exam and Scored 82%
10. Took my exam.
I probably put about 30 - 40 hours into the studying. I went into the exam thinking either I haven’t done enough and need to do more hours of studying or I’ll pass. I let go of the outcome and stuck with the process.
I really appreciate it.
Scott S., LMFT

North Carolina 04/28/2010

Hi Rob!
I took your prep workshop in Austin, TX this past January and I wanted to let you know that I passed the LMFT exam on my first try! I still haven't received my scores or license yet, but I wanted to let you know and thank you for all your help in the exam prep. I am definitely glad that I do not have to take it again!
Thanks so much!
Brittany N, LMFT

Texas 04/01/2010

Wow. If only I had had these materials for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd try. This made the difference for me. I realized you have to be able to pick out the subtle clues in each answer that relate to a theory. Then decide which theory the question is trying to get at. This really has nothing to do with how you practice as a therapist. I am an auditory learner so having the CD for my car and the workshop DVDs was a huge help. The book is written really well and should be a part of every marriage and family program. It helps make those theories whose history overlaps a lot a lot clearer in their actual differences. Using the white board to put down the theories ahead of time helped my confidence but they said I had to wait until my time started to do it. Hang in there...hopefully you won't have to get to the 4th try.
Linda J., LMFT

Washington 03/21/2010

Hi Rob,
I passed in North Carolina with a score of 169! Many thanks to you and Family Solutions. Your materials were invaluable.
Susan K., LMFT

North Carolina 03/15/2010

Thanks to Rob; I PASSED!
After countless days, nights and weekends studying i passed this grueling exam the first time around!!!! I know that this would not have been possible without the guidance, organization and support of Rob Guise. The study Materials were invaluable as well as the practice exams. I am forever grateful for all the support! - Nadine O., LMFT

Connecticut 03/14/2010

After two years and three tries, I finally passed with a score of 79.5 (159/200)! The first previous try I missed it by two questions; second time missed by one question. I was beginning to think that at 57 years old, it just was not gonna be possible. However, knowing the material as Rob presents it, and understanding HOW to interpret the questions were exactly what I needed. Definitely could not have done it without Rob & Family Solutions.
Also, don't know if it matters, but I am in Kentucky.
Thanks Again Rob & Family Solutions

Kentucky 03/13/2010

Just a quick note to thank you for the help I received from the LMFT National exam study guide. In brief, I am psychoanalytically trained, haven't been in school since 1988. Never took any courses in MFT. I studied about 300 hours and more than successfully passed. I was grandparented into a license years ago, yet was offered a very big leadership position in Hawaii. I needed a license in Hawaii, thus I had to take the exam.

This study guide is excellent and should be required reading in all graduate level MFT programs.

Thanks! I couldn't have accomplished what I did if I had not ordered and extensively used your study guide.
Dr. Robert C. A., LMFT

Hawaii 03/12/2010

I passed the Hawaii License Exam. The passing score is 131 but my score was 144. Thank you so very much!
Robin Y., LMFT

Hawaii 03/12/2010

Dear Rob,
I just wanted to commend you for creating such a useful and easy way to study for the MFT exam.
I passed!
I found out about FSI through a classmate of mine who used your study tools to take and pass the exam. I will without a doubt recommend you to others.
Amy D. R., LMFT

Virginia 03/11/2010

Thank you so much, Rob and Family Solutions!!!!
I would NOT have been able to do it without you and Everyone else.
I feel very grateful to you and everyone else who was pulling for me....behind me!!!
Jeannie B., LMFT

Hawaii 03/10/2010

Hi Rob, To put it simply, Family Solutions Institute helped me pass!!! I had to take the exam twice, and I regret not utilizing this resource the first time around. One of the ingenious and thoughtful designs of your program is that it caters to multiple learning styles. I was able to utilize the online course material, audio/visual, along with the course book. I found the practice tests to be one of the significant elements in getting familiar with the process of this type of exam. The materials offered are comprehensive and thorough. Where my Masters Program lacked in content, Family Solutions filled in the gaps. In fact, the content of the material was so rich, that it enhanced my clinical work. How many exam preparation resources can you say that about?! Thanks for your great work!
~Nancy Y., LMFT

Massachusetts 03/10/2010

Hey, Rob! I have good news. I passed the MFT exam!! Yea!! It was hard as heck and I thought it would take a miracle to pass, and it did. Thanks for your resources and encouragement. I'll definitely recommend your prep to future supervisees 🙂 see, I'm already thinking ahead.


Althea S., LMFT

Florida 03/09/2010

Thanks, Rob!
I found out yesterday that I passed the exam. After taking the exam three times before, it was exciting and a relief to see those words, PASSED! I am grateful for your encouragement and the materials FSI had to offer. I found the DVDs were most helpful, in addition to the online study guide and quizzes, as I have been out of grad school for 9 years.
I am soon to not only be licensed in California, but in Oklahoma as well.
Blessings to you and the guidance you provide to all future MFTs.
With gratitude,
Carolyn H., LMFT

Oklahoma 03/08/2010

Thank you Family Solutions! I just received my results. The passing score was 131 and I got 160/200! I'm an auditory learner and got a lot of use out of the audio CDs as well as the DVDs of the virtual workshop. I read the study guide and took notes, then watched the virtual workshop and took notes. Then I used a free program called audacity to record myself reading all my notes. I saved them as MP3 and put them on my i-pod and listened to everything...a lot...
Thanks again.
Amy K., LMFT

Oklahoma 03/04/2010

Dear Rob,
I now have licensure as an MFT, and I want to thank you for all the study helps you provided for me to use in preparation for the national exam. The testing service reported back to me that I scored 81%. Frankly, on the day of the exam, I was grateful to simply get to the end of the test with a few minutes to spare.
I studied hard, but the key for me was your test-taking preparation. If I hadn’t learned to pace myself or how to read the questions carefully, the outcome might have been very different.
I appreciate your kindness and the wonderful preparation offered at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary by Dr. Townsend. Please pass my thanks on to him. I attended two workshops and they both were excellent. He helped me study the right content to help fill in the gaps in my education. At this point, I believe the preparation was very cost-effective.
If I can ever be of service to you or FSI, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
David L. F., LMFT

Kentucky 01/25/2010

Hi Robb,

I took your workshop at Nova Sountheasters in September. Before your workshop, I failed the exam twice by one point each time. Two days after the workshop, I took the exam for the third time and PASSED! Not only did I pass, but I increase my score by over ten points. I don't think I would have been able to do it without your help, so I just wanted to say thank you very much! I hope you have a Happy New Year.

Nicole F., LMFT

Florida 12/30/2009

Dear FSO Staff:
Thank you so much for your program. I would like to express my gratitude for creating a program that puts so much information in a learnable format. I had failed the LMFT exam twice by one point before purchasing your program but with the help of Family Solutions Virtual Workshop, the Big Great Study Book and audio CD’s, I was able to not on