Attend Family Solutions’ nationally-renown Virtual Workshop Series from the comfort of your favorite screen. This intensive 11 hour workshop is presented by Family Solutions’ founder, Rob Guise and is fully-integrated with the FSI Study Guide, HomeStudy and eStudy Programs. Presented over the course of 2 full days, the Virtual Workshop Series begins by developing the General Systems, Cybernetic and Psychoanalytic foundations of Family Systems Theory and then takes you through the evolution of the major models of Marriage and Family Systems Therapy. The primary MFT Models are broken down across such dimensions as: Theory of Dysfunction and Change, Stages of Treatment, Core concepts and techniques, Therapist Stance, Termination and much more.

The Virtual Workshop Series includes the full workshop PowerPoint and covers the full field of family systems and Marriage and Family therapy, helping you to develop key frameworks for you to study from and while teaching you how to specifically sit for the AMFTRB National MFT Exam.