MFT Models Audio Review

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Family Solutions’ MFT Model Audio Review is now offered as a 90 day streaming audio subscription via FSI’s eStudy Program and as part of the HomeStudy Program and Intensive HomeStudy Track or as a standalone eStudy course.  Once purchased, your access is immediate.

The MFT Model Audio Review focuses on the primary MFT models including: Bowen, Contextual, Object Relations, MRI, Haley Strategic, Milan Systemic, Structural, Solution Focused, Narrative, Collaborative Language, Feminist, Psychoeducational, Behavioral, CBT, Network and Integrative.

Each of the MFT Models is discussed across the following frameworks: Core Concepts, Theory of Change and Dysfunction, Stages of Treatment, Termination, Therapist Stance and Techniques.

Discussion is between FSI founders: Rob Guise, Michael Vickers and Jackie Gagliardi and is approximately 2 1/2 hours long.

Unlimited access across the 90 day subscription.