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Workshops are offered throughout the U.S.  FSI regularily offers workshops in Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota and Colorado.  When there is enough of a demand, we also offer workshops in Arizona, Illinois, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland,  Pennsylvania,  New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas and Washington.

Our New Virtual Workshop is now available below (see the Massachusetts listing). This workshop can be purchased either as a Streaming Video directly to your computer or in DVD format. This Workshop series, taught by Family Solutions’ founder Rob Guise, consists of 10+ hours of dydactic teaching and exam preparation and can be substituted as a workshop in our Intensive Track Bundle.

Please call us at 888.583.3388  if your state is not listed in our current selection and we will be happy to look into the possibility of offering a workshop.

All workshops run from 9AM -4PM on the first day of the workshop and 8AM -3PM, on the second day of the workshop unless noted differently in your workshop confirmation letter.

Friday, October 9, 2020
Virtual eStudy Workshop Series
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Workshops colored like this are three day workshops and are not eligible for two day workshop pricing and bundles. Please choose three day workshop bundles only or call for specials if you would like to attend this workshop as part of a bundle.